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Big studio vs Home studio: Who will win?

November 19, 2017

Big or Home studio, champ vs underdog. 

Well I have been in both and to my surprise...I realized it don't matter. What! Yeah, it don't matter lol.





It comes down to who is behind the driver seat. If you can't drive for shit and own a hot rod, racing a professional driver in a Honda...you will loose. If you have poor knowledge of the "how to" and lack experience you already set your self up for failure. 

We all set are selfs up sometimes, I'm guilty of that. I've had my own hard hitting gear and made my best sounding work when I had only a laptop...? Hmm ...yup. 


Example, Mischke Butler and  Neff-U are some of the best in the business. They teamed up with Butterscotch and together made "We Are All We Got". 


Now...would you believe they're recording in the home of Mischke Butler.

they used a $500 mic $500 preamp to track vocals, and there sound is clean and pristine. I know his studio is amazing looking, but if you think about it...Its mostly controllers (avid S6 no analog pass thru) thats the bulk of the money spent. Also would like to point out Neff-U with only a laptop and a midi controller.


Now for the main event.


I remixed "We Are All We Got" on a lap top using P.H.Reason and ProTools also I have no monitors or speakers...just headphones.


Heres a link to both videos to compare fairly on youtube to keep on the same playback. Click (Butterscotch) or (DahmiMortals)


Sadly in my humble opinion, I Lost...:( 

Why you say, Come on really! these are grammy winners with years of hits...remember experience prevails all the time no matter where u at.

But these are experience hard hitters with clean avid converters and a great monitoring system.


lol. ok. But for real tho...How bad did I loose, compare and be the judge.

My point here is stop holding back from the challenge. How can we get better without pushing are selfs to the limit. Lets stop worrying about gear or where we at in moments of creativity. 

Till we start making hits then we can invest in convenience, like buying an avid S6 controller or studios with all the bells and whistles. 



Thank you for visiting my blog. Hope I inspired you or helped to ease the stress of thinking you need something to get somewhere. If you liked this blog then subscribe to this site @homepage or get in touch with me thru any of my social media (all links @top of homepage)


Thanks again, this is Harvey Newhouse of DahmiMortals.com








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