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Houston, TX, USA  77089

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Leasing Beats

(Leasing Service Not Available)

Leasing Beats: A limited user agreement.  Each lease allows the user to use  playback (unlimited) of the Music Leased, for personal listening.

Sales of music leased is limited to 2,500 combined sales of online or hard copy distribution. When maximum sales are reached the renegotiation of lease needs to be rendered.

Leases cannot be used for film placement, radio playback, commercial use, etc. All rights and publishing  are exclusive to Dahmi Mortals.


Exclusive Purchase (Rights): is available to those seeking investment in serious sales distribution and marketing.

Exclusive purchase allows the user the “rights” to freely market and sale in all formats and distributions (unlimited). 

 The Publishing will still be exclusive to Dahmi Mortals


Transfer of owner ship can be negotiated in separate contract. Contact us for more info Email: Gina@DahmiMortals.com

All prices are subject to change.


Mix service is $300 per Music. We offer a promotional first mix at half price ($150)

2 mix revision included.

(Mix Service no longer available)


Master service is $40 per Music.


Leasing is $25 per lease, limited use. Sales up to 2,500 max.


Exclusive Beats are $1,000+. 

The price reflects on the number of sales to hit a silver record (100,000 sales) we’re only charging $1 from $100. This is below standard pricing by half. 

Optional Free mix and master to song containing exclusive sold.


Keep in mind we have leasing available if you feel that (100,000) sales is not your goal. Our leasing of $25 per lease for 2,500 sales reflects the same $1 from $100.


Exclusive project is the best value.

If your project is exclusive to our production or Mixing, to our online services, the custom beats can be exclusive starting at $500+. Pricing for mixing still applies the same $300 per mix. 


Contact us for more information by clicking this link. DahmiMortals

Lease With Caution.


When leasing be aware of a few things; 

Leasing gives you limited rights such as reaching 2,500 sales. When the music you leased is sold exclusive to other persons, you cannot renegotiate an additional lease. If you have not reached “2,500 sales” the limited lease contract allows you to complete your 2,500 sales agreement.

We do not recommend you use your lease for a professional album or single release. Your album or single could be held hostage from the new “Rights holder or owner” and investments made could be lost.