Dahmi Mortals

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Houston, TX, USA  77089

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Harvey Newhouse A.K.A. ReZoUnD


Born 10/14/1979. 4 brothers + me, 5 sisters -1 that passed away before I was born. I and my brother Carlos are the youngest and raised alone with my mother. We were raised in poverty

(section 8) in the city of Houston. Funny I never felt poor, even tho we ate pan fried bologna, syrup bread and cookie tortillas lol good times, horror times as well but no need sharing unless I write a book.


Well I remember playing around  the dumpster and saw some torn speaker and radios. Took them home and made a mess. My mom didn’t mind because that junk kept me home, we had no babysitter (I was 11). 

I went thru my moms junk and saw a soldering iron, burnt my self with it. I started playing with it and my new found crap, and noticed I was melting the solder and it harden quick. So I played with the wiring and made progress. I was getting signal (no internet to learn any of this)…we’re smart people, if we put are minds to it. Ok back to the subject. From then I fell in love with sound. I use to sleep with a speaker like a kid holding a teddy bear lol. This is why I fell in love with making music. Putting sounds together. 

Now you have “Rezound” of the Beat Jockeys.


My experience came from many lessons in life, not just hands on. My main talent was from recording in a studio and being creative. I remember wanting to take this knowledge I’ve been reading from books of music engineers and get hands on.

I looked for big studios and message  many head engineers and got a reply from one for a interview. Canvas Studio’s engineer liked what I had to say. Started me out with taking out the trash. I assisted with live shows and venues like House of Blues in Houston etc. A few weeks later he said he liked my work ethics and offered me a job as a sub engineer @Canvas. I been blessed to record huge talents like Chris Walker, Regina Belle, Ruben Studdard, Andy Vargas, Tamar Davis etc etc. To the point were my head was too big for my body. I knew my talents surpassed many with in my circle of Houston locals. So I learned I was not the same person as when I started and needed to humble my self. I’ve been out of work and lost focus.


I took care of my mom for 6yrs, and she’s the one that pushed me not to give up no matter what the circumstance and what people had to say. When she passed in April 2017  I lost my head…but in my soul, she speaks to me. So here I am, its December 2017. I took old concepts, beats, music and bringing them to the public starting Jan 2018. I miss my mother but her sacrifice won’t be for nothing. I will take care and bear fruit the seed she planted.


Here we are, Dahmi Mortals. Who are the Beat Jockeys…Harvey Newhouse a.k.a. Rezound, Dare Billington a.k.a. Mirawge Bizaarre. We have similar up bringing, goals, big achievements and have both took fails from big egos.