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Harvey Newhouse, is the house engineer, also, known as Rezound, music producer of Dahmi Mortals. Harvey is experience with 15 years of music production, learning in live venues, commercial facility, and with local talent, who is now independent to establish a brand of quality and original music. We are in a unique position to provide high quality sound with budget friendly cost, due to no overhead. So treat yourself, with a skilled engineer/producer and discover the magic of music by Harvey Newhouse a.k.a. Rezound.


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The service provided by Harvey Newhouse is flawless thanks to the latest technology as well as my meticulous work process. As a client, you’ll collaborate closely with me throughout the entire process to develop a high quality final product. Get in touch to schedule studio time today.

For Music Mastering, there’s no better option than Harvey Newhouse. Schedule your initial consultation meeting today to get access to all the state-of-the-art-equipment and software. Get in touch for Top Chart Hitting Sound.

Create and capture your unique sound with an experienced Music Producer and the latest technologies at the studio. You’ll have your pick of equipment — including both analog and digital options. Get in touch today to reserve an initial consultation! A world of sound is at your fingertips.

Studio Gear and Software

Sounds So Good

Outboard Gear

Warm Audio Bus-Comp 2ch VCA compressor.

Ultragain Pro 2ch Vacuum tube, equalizer, mic/line preamplifier.

Grace Design m101 preamplifier.


Lynx Hilo A/D/A converter.

BLA XB Micro clock mkIII.

UAD Octo-2 Satellite.

Capture n Production

SlateDigital ML-1 & ML-2.

Fender Squier Bullet.

Marshall AS50R.

Behringer Model D, Neutron, DeepMind12.

Moog Minitaur analog bass synthesizer.

Novation MoroderNova #485 of 500.

M-Audio Hammer88, Accent module.

WurliTzer Upright Piano, Glockenspiel.

Pearl Drum Set.

Akai Professional MPC Live, MPD32, MPK mini.


Kenwood Cubes, Dual driver midrange (Passive)

Fisher STV-853 (passive).

Presonus Sceptre S8 (Active).

Samson Amplifier.

PlayBack Devices

Onkyo Dual tape deck, Compact disc.

Jenson Vinyl player.

Digital Domain

Mac book pro Dual core 2012, Mojave.

DAW ProTools 2018, ReasonStudios 11.2, Rx7 standard, Melodyne studio4, Ozone9, SonarWorks Ref4.

Plug-ins An abundant of the top plugins in the world, such as Waves, Uad, Avid, SoundToys, Hofa, SlateDigital, Softube, Melda, Kush, Kilo Hearts, iZotope, BlackRooster, and so on...Legit Ownership! "Support software developers"


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